RAM, Harddrives, CPU, Heatsinks.


Its a common misconception that Laptops cant be upgraded this is far from the case. While it does require an expert. Their are various upgrades that can be made cost effectively to laptops. Want to start up in 20secs a new solid date drive is what your looking for running out of space for all your pictures & music our technicians can easily transfer over all your excruciating data to a new larger faster hard-drive. Does you laptop feel slow when multitasking or browsing a large number of website then more RAM will allow you to do much more faster. We can even install blue-ray players to your laptop ( if it suitable for your particular model) We can even upgrade CPU's depending on make & model. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.


With desktops the only limitation is your imagination.

Want a water-cooled gaming behemoth no problem. Pic

Or simply keep the office pc up to date.

Want to play the games? An entry level graphics card can let about any PC play them.

We can make even the most noisy of PCs inaudible so as they don’t disturb your gaming or movies with noisy fans.

Want a smaller PC a full case transfer can be made.

We offer a full range of upgrade options and services.