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Is your Laptop Overheating?

Is your laptop warm to touch ?
Is the fan always very loud?
Does it shut down randomly with warning?

If your laptop has any these symptoms it is overheating.

Overheating has 3 main causes.

1. Build up of dust
2. Failing / Failure fan
3. Failure of TIM (Thermal Interface material or Thermal Paste)


How we fix it ;

To fix these problems, we disassemble your laptop & remove all dust, & thoroughly clean the heat-sink. Followed by replacement of fan if required & remount with new professional grade Thermal Paste. We then remount the heatsink at correct torque & reassemble your laptop, followed by thorough thermal testing to help cure the new thermal paste.


From £46 ; Including Free spyware / malware removal & thermal report.

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