Laptop Repairs

Keyboards, Harddrives, Fans, Chargers

Replacement parts

We can replace any part your laptop may need from keyboards & touch pads, too hard drives & motherboards we only use the highest quality and can even repair major drop damage such as casing & hinges . With our years of experience your laptop will be as good as new, if not better! in no time.

Laptop Charge Jack Repair

Is your laptop only charging if you hold the cable or move it? Is it not charging at all, following a drop or knock. If this is the case your charging jack will need to be repaired or replaced

We also offer high quality replacement chargers for all makes & models of laptop.

Overheating Repair

Is your laptop hot to touch ? Does it turn off randomly or freeze ? If you’re experiencing these symptoms your laptop is likely to be overheating. This effects many laptops especially after a few years & can be caused by a build up dust inside the heat-sink, breakdown in the thermal paste or a failing fan. All of these problems can be quickly solved in house.

Water Damage / Liquid Spills

If this happens, don't panic. Instead, follow these simple instructions as quickly as you can to try to salvage your computer.

TURN IT OFF! And Immediately remove the battery, the A/C adapter, and unplug the device after the spill. The biggest risk is device shorting out, Powering it off & removing the power and battery will prevent this.

Disconnect and remove any and all external devices.

Turn it upside down immediately to stop the liquid seeping deeper into the machine.

Clean up any external liquid or residue on the screen, keyboard etc

Bring the laptop to us ASAP! We will open & dry & clean the internals of your laptop immediately. As more damage is caused by corrosion than the liquid itself! Once completely satisfied with the hardware, we attempt to boot to see the extent of the damage. We will then let you know what the damage is (If Any) and quote you on the cost of any repairs.
In any case 99% of the time we will be able to recover your data from the laptop.