Fresh Install

Faster than the day you bought it, GUARANTEED!

Why is my PC slow?

Is your computer in a bad shape? is it running slow, there might not be any obvious errors showing, but your computer feels sluggish. Remember how fast & smooth your Pc was when it was new?

If this is the case your Pc needs a Fresh Install, Pc components don’t slow down or show wear, they work or they don’t. The slowing down of your PC is caused by Windows, over time all the data, updates & programs you use gunks up windows slowing it down. For most people they notice this after 2/3 years.

For a lot of people this is when they decide to buy a new PC, But it's completely unnecessary, Instead we can refresh your system so that runs faster than when you bought it & at a fraction of the cost of a new pc.

Complete transfer

All of your data is transferred music, pictures, documents.

Ready to Go!

Your Pc will be faster than when you bought it & ready to go!.

Comprehensive and Resilient

We leave no stone unturned, Updating all drivers to their lastest versions, as well as of course all Windows updates. Complete with free firewall & malware protection.

Hardware Health Check

We carry out a free hardware Check with all fresh installs, We test HDD & RAM for signs of failure and take thermal readings From CPU & GPU.


From £40 ; Including Free hardware health check.

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