Removal and prevention off all viruses, trojans, malware & spyware.



What is a virus?

A computer virus is simply a software program created by an individual or a group of people that has been designed to run on a computer and carry out a malicious task. A virus can be programmed to carry out any type of malicious task on an infected computer. For example, steal files, record keystrokes of a computer, prevent or disable virus removal programs, cause harm or damage, restrict a computer, steal information or display advertising.There are many different types of viruses with different names and classifications for example: Malware, spyware, Active X, Adware, Trojan, Worms etc.

A virus can spread by many different ways. For example a virus can store itself on a USB memory stick. It can be attached to an email. Downloaded from a website. Transferred through an online person to person file sharing facility (P2P). Transferred over a local area network, Stored on a Smartphone. Basically any means a computer has of communication with other computers can potentially pose the risk of virus transfer.

What we can do.

Removal, Restore, Prevent

While there may be signs your computer has a virus (slow performance, unable to launch programs, Rogue/Fake Antivirus, Police/garda Virus, ukash, ransomware etc.), the only way to know for sure is to have your computer scanned for viruses. Delaying a virus removal could lead to data security issues such as email & bank account compromised.

  • Here at FixIT we use a simple 3 step process with all viruses
  • 1.Removal

    We begin safely backing up all uncomprised data,Then remove all viruses Eg Police/garda Virus , spyware & trojans from your computer. Then we restore any system damage caused by viruses. And complete it by installion of FREE Antivirus Software protection.

    From £38 ; Including Free hardware health check.