You service your car, why not your pc?

give your pc an mot

No one would expect a car to run for years on end without a change in oil or new tires, Just like a car the Its performance will suffer if you don’t service it. After we give your PC an MOT it will be running as fast if not faster than the day you bought it!.

So why buy a new PC instead of just servicing your old one for a fraction of the cost!.

Our process is simple but extremely effective, We start by backing up all your data, Then strip your pc or laptop down and cleaning each component individually to remove dust which makes it run hotter & nosier. Each component is then tested for wear & tear which would indicated signs of imminent failure which will be detailed in a report provided before then carefully reassembling.

With the hardware serviced we move on to the software, A New fully up to date Operating system will be installed this always gives dramatic performance boost. Any required drivers will be resorted before transferring you old data back on.

What it includes;

  • Complete Hardware diagnoses

  • Complete disassembly of all parts and clean up.

  • CPU & GPU remounted with high grade Thermal Interface material T.I.M

  • Enhanced hard drive formatting

  • Fresh install of operating system.

  • Windows/Linux memory tweaks and performance enhancements.

  • Drivers checked and updated.

  • Hardware stress tested & benchmarked.

  • Free software package installed including ; Office, Antivirus, PDF editors etc

  • Full System Report detailing results of all test preformed.

    From £58

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